We are getting lots of queries and calls on our plans for reopening,  so thought we’d update you on with our thoughts…

We are patiently waiting for the Government to lift restrictions for us to reopen.

When this happens, we will have to implement some restrictions of our own and this is looking likely to involve various changes to our current rules.

Booking in advance will apply and payment must be paid on arrival.

You will be required to give your name and telephone number and in return we will confirm what time we are open and which lakes are available for you to fish.

Pegs will allocated by the fishery when you arrive.

No one will be allowed to just turn up without booking in

One angler per swim/peg.

No guests allowed.

Adults only over 18.

Social distancing rules will apply whilst in the fishery grounds.

Fishery landing nets and mats must still be used and  must  be placed in our car park area after so that we can disinfect them  for the next day’s customers.

We need to see if any specific restrictions are imposed by the Government but a detailed list of our restrictions will be added to this page and our social media pages.

The above is our overview at the moment.

This is a new way of operating for us, it’s a learning curve and will no doubt have some hiccups along the way but business cannot proceed as normal as we are sure you will appreciate


Tuesday 21st May 12th Round Wensum Valley Masters