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Reepham Cubs Activity Afternoon

We had the pleasure of hosting a fishing afternoon for Reepham Cubs on Tuesday 15th August
Neil Sainty Cub Master brought along 12 cubs, John Bailey assisted.
A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all.
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NEW RULES  January 2017

Reepham Fishery is a pleasure fishery renowned for quantity as well as quality. Many people catch large poundage of a variety of fish some as large as 20lbs+ in weight. It is therefore essential that all anglers who wish to fish here come with a full set of equipment, and when they catch, they exercise great care landing and handling the fish, big or small.

        • A current rod licence is required.
        • No barbed hooks and only manufactured barbless hooks permitted, maximum hook size is 8.
        • No fixed rigs.
        • No heavy carp gear. 1.75lb test curve rods and 10lb line maximum are permitted.
        • A maximum size 18 elastic is permitted for pole fishing.
        • No lead core.
        • No braid.
        • Inline method feeders are allowed (GURU X-SAFE Feeder ARE allowed).
        • No nets, mats or slings may be brought onto the fishery.
        • The fishery provides nets and mats at each peg.
        • Fish must not be placed on the ground without a mat, or handled with towels or cloths.
        • STALKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Fishing only allowed from swims provided – no roaming away from peg.
        • Juniors (under 16 years of age) MUST be accompanied by an adult (18+years old).
        • Max 2 rods per person.
        • Do not leave rod(s) unattended.
        • No more than one Visitor or companion.
        • No dogs. Or BBQ’s
        • No DRUGS or alcohol, offenders will be banned.
        • No litter, Please use the bin provided.
        • No entry to the Fishery during the hours of darkness.
        • No night fishing.
        • Under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
        • Please use the TOILETS provided

Bait Rules

        • No floating bait/s example: bread or dog biscuit
        • 2 KG ground bait per angler
        • No trout pellets
        • 2 standards tins meat per angler (luncheon/cat/dog meat)

Match Rules

        • No floating baits
        • All carp to be netted
        • 3 nets max (fishery will provide)
        • 60lb per keep net – over 70lb = disqualification

If keep nets have the allocated amount in you may alternate between the 3 nets evenly.

The goals of the Fishery are:

To provide customers with a quiet, undisturbed, safe environment as close to nature as possible.

To protect the wellbeing of the fish.

To preserve the natural environment as much as possible.

To that end, our rules will be vigorously enforced:

Save for death and personal injury due directly and solely to the negligence of Reepham Fishery, its owners, employees, or agents, no liability is accepted for any injury, loss or damage, including loss of profit, or loss or opportunity.

We reserve the right to amend any of the following rules at no notice and a level of common sense and best practice is assumed.  There are no exceptions all rules are designed with the welfare of the fish and the water quality in mind, and we want to keep the fishery and its surroundings at its best, so please try to stick to them. If you are found breaking these rules you may be asked to leave the fishery.

Please obey the rules and remind others to do the same, your assistance and understanding is much Appreciated.

Winter League Comes To Reepham Fishery

The 2016/17 Winter League will see 45 anglers split into teams. For the first time ever Reepham Fishery will work in Partnership with Wensum Valley Angling to host a Winter Fishing League, 8 matches starting November 6th to the final on the 19th February.
Split over three Lakes providing all anglers and fishing enthusiasts the opportunity to pit their wits against one another in a true Winter League style.
For more information please contact Reepham Fishery 01603 870829 or Daniel Brydon 07766 658948

Reepham Fishery Hoodies, Polo Shirts and Caps.
Available to order
All sizes available. Please call the office for further information. 01603 870829